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Filling requirements
Last updated on 31. October 2016
Filling requirements are not mandatory for Gas Storage Denmark. Storage customers can on a voluntary basis enter into a bilateral agreement with Gas Transmission where volume capacity may be subject to filling requirements
Gas subject to filling requirements is part of a bilateral agreement between the storage customer and Gas Transmission. As such, Gas Storage Denmark has no part in this voluntary bilateral agreement and does not grant any separate discount for storage agreements subject to filling requirements.
To be subject to filling requirements means that storage customers must always keep a certain quantity of gas in storage in the period from October to April.
Exempel: For storage contracts conluded for the storage year 2010 the filling requirements should be interpreted as
The filling requirement is expressed as a percentage of the volume capacity the storage customer has booked in the storage facility.
In the hour 06:00 - 07:00 of the first day of each month from 1 October to 1 April a fixed minimum percentage of gas must remain in the facility corresponding to the following filling requirements:
 Month  Per cent
1st October at least 0 %
1st November at least 20 %
1st December at least 55 %
1st Januar at least 60 %
1st Februar at least 40 %
1st March at least 12 %
1st April at least 0 %
In the periods between the dates specified above, it is a condition that the withdrawal from Lille Torup is regular and corresponds to the filling requirements appearing from interpolation between the dates specified in above table. Interpolation is made between the first hour of the appropriate first gas day of a month and the first hour of the first gas day of the following month, which means that the withdrawal of natural gas shall comply with the hourly value.
The hourly interpolation between the dates specified above is also illustrated in the following graph:

 The storage customers can find the exact hourly filling requirement after log in.

Illustrated in a graph the filling requirements are as follows: