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Short term products
Last updated on 31. October 2016
Gas Storage Denmark  is selling short term products ranging from a rest-of-year (ROY) product to month, day-ahead and within-day products

Gas Storage Denmark is offering short term products from the beginning of the storage year if the capacity is available. The capacity is offered as unbundled volume capacity, unbundled injection capacity and unbundled withdrawal capacity.

The storage customer can easily click and book the capacity automatically via Gas Storage Denmark's system Online. The capacity can be ordered based on the following contracts:

  • Rest-of-year (ROY)
  • Month
  • Day-ahead (24 hours)
  • Within-day (23 hours down to 1 hour)

Before a certain deadline the available capacity is first offered as a ROY product. When this deadline expires the remaining capacity is offered as a month product with a new deadline and when this deadline expires any remaining capacity is offered first as a day-ahead product and then as a within-day product to be used in the forthcoming month.

At the beginning of the storage year the ROY product is offered as a 12 month product (from 1 May to 30 April), then as a 11 month product (from 1 June to 30 April) and so on until it is becomes a 1 month product (from 1 April to 30 April) if there is still available capacity.

You can find available capacities and prices on the front page under "Short term products" and more information on the products and how to order them can be found under "Read more".


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