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Last updated on 31. October 2016
Storage Operators Transparency Template              Gas Storage Denmark
​Macro Area ​Submenu ​Link
​1 ​Contact ​Contact ​Link
2​.1 ​Services and facilities ​Technical characteristics ​Link
2.2​ ​Services and facilities ​Products and services ​Link
3.1​ ​How to become a customer/user ​How to book capacity ​Link
3.2​ ​How to become a customer/user ​Contract information ​Link
3.3​ ​How to become a customer/user ​TSO information Link
4.1​ Available capacities ​Primary market ​Link
4.2​ ​Capacities Secondary Market ​Bulletin board ​Link
​Tariffs and pricing​
Pricing/Tariff information Link
​5.2 ​Tariffs and pricing ​Fee/Tariff calculator ​Link
​6.1 ​Legal documentation ​Storage codes ​Link
​6.2 ​Legal documentation ​Regulation and legislation Link
​7.1 ​Operational information ​Maintenance ​Link
​7.2 ​Operational information ​Operational data Link
​8 ​Miscellaneous ​Projects Currently no
new projects