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Current customers
Last updated on 22. June 2017
It is voluntary for customers of Gas Storage Denmark to be listed here.
Company​ ​Contact person ​Mail-to
​Danske Commodities A/S Anette Sørensen ​
DCC Energi Danmark A/S ​Preben Petersen ​
​DONG Naturgas A/S ​Christian Krogsgaard  ​
DufEnergy Trading SA ​You Zhou ​ ​Søren Balle Rasmussen
E.ON Sverige AB Stefan Lagerborg
Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd​ ​Nathan Dixon
Göteborg Energi AB ​Gunnar Backsund
HMN Naturgas A/S ​Toni Pockenauer ​
Koch Supply & Trading Sàrl ​Greg Nadeau ​
​Neas Energy A/S ​Anna Plchova ​
NGF Nature Energy A/S​ ​Jonas Svendsen
RWE Supply & Trading GmbH​ ​Jens Kersting ​ 
​Shell Energy Europe Limited ​Haroon Khan
TraiStone GmbH  Pawel Lewin 
Uniper Global Commodities SE  Sandra Michaelis 
Please contact Iliana Nygaard   or Mads Vejlby Boesen , if you wish to show your company name here.