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Edig@s – XML communication
Last updated on 11. November 2016
Storage customers may exchange messages regarding nominations and allocation by use of Edig@s XML
The functional contents of the messages for Edig@s XML communications are described in a message guide.
Before starting Edig@s XML communication a test of the it-system is required
Before exchanging nomination, confirmation and allocation messages using Edig@s XML, a complete test must be carried out between the Storage Customer and Gas Storage Denmark. When the test is completed and approved the Storage Customer and Gas Storage Denmark will agree on a starting date of the XML communication. Please contact Henrik Kjøller at for further information and scheduling a test. The tests are carried out on FCFS principle.
Edig@s XML with AS2 protocol encryption.
Storage customers may choose to exchange Edig@s XML with AS2 protocol encryption.

This solution is implemented for higher security in the message xchange between the Storage Customer and Gas Storage Denmark. If you request to use XML with AS2 encryption, please fill-in the request form ’With AS2 encryption’ and send it in an email to:
Edig@s XML without encryption 
This way of communicating does not provide any security and Gas Storage Denmark takes no responsibility if data becomes corrupted or otherwise defected, nor for data being captured on the Internet.
To exchange Edig@s without encryption the Storage Customers must fill-in the request form ’Without encryption’ and send it via email to:
It is not required for storage customers to use Edig@s XML. The existing SMTP-'protocol' will stay open, but no AS2 security will be implemented for this.

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