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Entering into agreements
Last updated on 31. October 2016
As a storage customer you can order storage capacity products at our click and book system Online. A password is required which is provided to you by Gas Storage Denmark
As storage customer you can access Online by using a password.
This will enable you as storage customer to get access to the following operations and information:
  • Send nominations
  • Send storage customer agreement requests
  • Send capacity requests and capacity orders for storage capacity
  • Send bids to auctions
  • Send transfer requests
  • Place purchasing/selling advertisements on the Bulletin Board
  • See your own capacity consumption in a spreadsheet 
  • See your master data 
  • See contractual data 
  • See transfers in which the storage customer has participated and the process for this conducted by Gas Storage Denmark 
  • See nominations and allocations
  • See issued and pending invoices
  • See changes to the storage customers natural gas quantities