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New customer?
Last updated on 19. September 2017
You will have to enter into a storage customer agreement before you can become a storage customer at Gas Storage Denmark. New customers also need to enter into a customer framework agreement with Energinet Gas Transmission.
You can find a request for a storage customer agreement in Appendix 1 to Rules for Gas Storage Denmark.
Required documentation as your latest financial highlights and all subsequent interim financial announcements as well as indication of the requested credit limit are to be attached to the request for framework agreement.
In case Gas Storage Denmark requires that a player should provide security, this must be effected before the player can act as a storage customer. When the credit framework has been arranged, the player will receive two copies of the agreement to be signed and returned to Gas Storage Denmark.
Please send your signed agreement as pdf file to e-mail:
Energinet Gas Transmission must receive master data and a signed storage customer framework agreement at latest 13 business days before the first day of the month for the wished contract period.
Gas Storage Denmark must receive a signed storage customer agreement 8 business days before the first day of the contract period.
The storage customer can order storage products when the storage customer agreement has taken effect and after entering into a framework agreement with Energinet Gas Transmission.
Please note that you need to be registered with the central Register of Players managed by Energinet Gas Transmission if you are a new customer on the Danish market. You can find more information here.