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Last updated on 8. October 2015
The natural gas storage facilities are monitored closely around the clock via computers in the control room, and the technical staff ensure that the storage facilities are properly maintained and operate safely and satisfactorily.
In the unlikely event of an accident, the storage can be closed by means of valves operated from the control room or manually. In that case, the gas left in the pipes will be directed to the facility's flare tower, from where it is emitted into the atmosphere or is burned.
All sources of ignition are strictly prohibited on the sites. Natural gas is only inflammable at a very special mixing ratio with air. The safety system closes the valves automatically the moment a gas leakage is detected.
The storages maintain a gas percentage of 100, preventing any gas from being ignited below ground level.
No emergency situations have occurred since the commissioning of the storage facilities. The facilities have only been closed for planned maintenance.