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Rules for Gas Storage version 12.0
Published on 22 December 2017 14.00

The Rules for Gas Storage (RGS) version 12.0 has been published.

In the period from 8 December 2017 to 22 December 2017, the new version of RGS was subject to consultation among the stakeholders with an interest in gas storage. The consultation is now completed and we are pleased to present version 12.0 of RGS with the following main changes:

  •  the introduction of "Auction Rules" prior to each auction for storage capacity
  •  the Compulsory Nomination is replaced by a Nomination of optional character
  •  the transfer of Filling Requirements is terminated
  •  the credit insurance is replaced by internal approval of a credit limit based on credit rating. A request for extended credit limit will require provision of  security. 


You can find this version 12.0 of RGS under "Rules" on this webpage or please check the link to the right >>>